Wednesday, November 4, 2009

RM18 Clearance SALE!!!! All Must GO!

Hi everyone,

From today until end of the year, ALL ITEMS featured in this blog will be sold at only RM18 per piece regardless of whether its a shorts, pants, dress, skirt, etc.

If you buy 2 items, you only pay RM34 (additional RM2 savings!) and get FREE POSLAJU

To recap :

Any item = RM18 per piece

2 items = RM34 + FREE Poslaju

GRAB it NOW!!!! Everything MUST GO!


Fashion Mansion

Friday, August 21, 2009

Romantic Dreamer

Romantic Casual Top From Day to Night

(from top to bottom - Purple Dreamer, Yellow Dreamer, Pink Dreamer)

Size :

Fits S/M/smaller size L best

Measurements :
Pit to Pit - 35.5cm
Length - 69.5cm


Made of double material
Small printed flowers for a young and carefree look
Ruffles in the front add a hint of flirtiness to the attire
Great by itself or paired with a cardigan/cropped jacket

NOW - RM19 only!

Purple Dreamer - Available
Yellow Dreamer- Available
Pink Dreamer - SOLD to Barbara

Monday, August 17, 2009

!!Further Markdown Clearance!!

We @ The Mansion are always seeking for opportunities to share and care the joy of shopping. As such, we have brought it some new goodies. But first, we need to clear up some of the old stuff. SO..... we are having a further markdown on our items!!!
Check them out! All Brand New!
(Ignore the original prices on post)

Somerset Bay Halter Neck ---> RM25

Chiffon Dream--->
1 @ RM25, 2 @ RM40!

Dresses --->
1 @ RM33, 2 @ RM63

Dainty Damsel Cropped Cardigan --->
1@RM15, 2 @ RM25 (STEAL!)

All these below are 1 @ RM19, and 2 @ RM35. Grab Now!

Email us your order now!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Announcement :- Sold Items

Hi there! Just an announcement to inform that we will delete all our sold items to save on space and to make way for more goodies ya!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Puffy Pink Shorts

Beautiful thick quality pink puffy hem shorts! Very fun!
A steal at RM29! RM19!!

Size :
Tagged Size L

Measurements :
Waist - 42.5cm
Length - 41.5cm
Leg Opening - 22cm
Button to Crotch - 22.5cm

Details :
Pink thick cotton
Puffy hems

Price :
Now - RM19!

Status :

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Boyfie Shirts Galore!

How can we ever get tired of Boyfie Shirts? It's fun, versatile, and very very sexy!
Here you will be spoilt for choice - only going for RM30 per piece (including postage!)
Grab now!
(Click on photos for larger pictures)

Note : Only Red Spotty and Red Stripes are RM27 (including postage) due to very minor defect - check it out below. In's on the inside, so hardly noticeable, but not for fussy buyers!

Red Stripes
Pit to pit - 47cm, Shoulder to shoulder - 34cm, Length - 72cm

Red Spotty
Measurements :
Pit to Pit - 47cm (with some gathers so can expand a bit more)
Shoulder to shoulder - 37cm, Length - 71.5cm

Purplish Grey Checkers
Pit to pit - 46cm, Shoulder to shoulder - 37cm, Length - 70.5cm

Alternative Stripes
Pit to pit - 46.5cm, Shoulder to shoulder - 36.5cm,Length - 70cm

Yellow Anchor
Measurements :
Pit to Pit - 39cm (with some gathers at the bust so can expand summore)
Shoulder to shoulder - 34cm, Length - 71.5cm

Size :
Best fit for S and M

Details :
Comfortable light cotton
Button-up for sleeves and curved hems

Status :
Purplish Grey Checkers - Reserved for Joey (RM30)
Alternative Stripes -Sold to Jean
Yellow Anchor - Available (RM30)
Red Stripes - Available (RM27)
Red Spotty - Available (RM27)
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