Monday, June 15, 2009

Pretty Petals

A cute charming top which exudes feminity with a touch of cuteness

Crochet Top and Laced Bottom

(from left to right) - Green Petals, Purple Petals, Red Petals, Cutie Cherries (White) and Cutie Cherries (Black)

Size :
Fits S/M best

Soft flowy dreamy chiffon material
Small printed flowers or cherries for a young and carefree look
Trimmed with lace at the bottom for an even softer overall effect
Crocheted top and straps for an even more demure feel
Great for day wear with shorts or skirt
Perfect for the beach

Now - RM19 only!

Green Petals - Available
Purple Petals- SOLD to Karen
Red Petals -SOLD to mis xgrv
Red Petals - SOLD to Jeanette
Cuties Cherries (White) -Sold to Grace
Cuties Cherries (Black) - Available
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